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I’m MammaNene, the italian mum behind SergerPepper. I love to write about my sewing adventures and I share often clothes refashions, tutorials and free patterns.First of all I have to thank Natasha for the opportunity she’s giving me: I love her blog that I’m reading (and following) from a while, now, so it’s an honor for me guest posting here!

As I received Natasha’s mail request for help, talking about her new adventure she’s starting with her mum and sister, I’ve thought I had to be in, showing her some love and wishing luck for her new occupation: I have to admit that I’m a little envious of her, right now: she’s going to own my personal heaven… a second hand shop!
In fact, my fabric stash is mostly made of “preloved” clothes and I’m always collecting “new” old clothes here around. Maybe you’re not into this refashioning thing, so I’m going to show you a

TUTORIAL: Simple and fast way from polo to girl’s dress

that everybody will love (and they’ll ask you where did you bought it, I promise!)

What you need:

– a polo (with a hole? better!)
– scissors, sewing machine (if you have a serger, it’s faster, if you don’t own it: you can go without!)
– rounded point sewing needles (or you’ll end with a bunch of holes….)

What to do:

1. fold in half the polo and mark the cutting A-line, leaving a little ย “sleeve” where the ribbing is, then cut. You can use a t-shirt for the size, or just eyeball it!


2. If you want, you can simply sew (or serge) along the sides (wrong sides facing) and simply stop here, or you can add some ruffles, simply cutting strips from the sides you’ve cut on step 1.
You can use the ruffling method you like best, I love to sew a line of stitching (using the longer stitch and no tension), then ruffle to the lenght you need (pulling bobbin thread, as I did on my shirt to dress with ruffles and plaid). Pin on place then sew and… that’s it!


3. Try it on your daughter/friend’s daughter/nephew… and try to take it off, if you can!

Perfect for strolling…
…and for climbing!
Really comfy in every situation…
Flower Girl Dresses
…and great for a ride on the rides too!

I hope you liked my simple and fast refashion, come to visit me on SergerPepperย if you wanna more!

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