How I prep and Store my Fruit and Veg

I normally buy my shopping online and have it delivered to my home on a Friday, so Fridays are often my pre -packing day. I get all my fruit and veg and slice, chop and shred it all and place in freezer bags or zippy bags, so later on in the week when I’m preparing a meal or snack I don’t have to do all that peeling and chopping. I just grab what I want and go.
First off I made some salad tubs. This was my first time making these salad tubs so I wasn’t sure whether to but any fruit juice in with them. So I made 3 with a bit of orange juice in and 2 without

They lasted about a week in the fridge. But whether you put juice in or not I’d say is really dependent on what fruit you use. I used satsumas, kiwi, grapes, apple, pineapple and blueberries

The satsumas really needed the juice to stop them drying out. But the kiwi and blueberries were better off without the juice as they went very soggy. The grapes and pineapple were fine either way, as was the apple, but did go slightly brown

I also chop all my veg up. I have been doing this for a while now and it is such a great time saver.
Here I chopped up some spring onions, red, green, and orange peppers and some carrots in batons and stored in the fridge

My fruit salads

and my chopped veggies
I also chop other veggies in to bites size pieces and store in my freezer. So when I recipe calls for them I just grab some out and throw it straight into the pan. This is great for carrots, which I add to all sorts. Pasta sauces, spag bol, cottage pie. I also have loads of chopped onions in my freezer. These are the worsted veg to chop ever!! and always make me cry, I have tried all the tricks but nothing works 100%, So I like to get them done all in one go and freeze them

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