Social media is a big part of a bloggers life. Quite a lot of my traffic comes from these, especially Pinterest where in fact most of my traffic comes from. The other main social media outlets are Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
And before I go any further, Let me share with you a fantastic tip that Danielle from Sew Much Crafting mentioned to me the other week. When setting your blog up and choosing your blog name check to see if your chosen blog name is available on all the social media sites. If you are not that interested in setting up an account for certain social media sites at this time, still go ahead a make an account now. So in the future if you do deicide to start using that site you already have your chosen name set up and no one else has taken it. But to be honest, I think you should be using all 4 of these social media outlets right now!
First we’ll start with facebook. The first one I started out with.
Over the resent months facebook have made it hard for page owners, but I have seen some slight changes recently so hopefully they are going to make thing better for us.
After you have chosen your blog name you will notice that your url is something like
You will see that my name on facebook is Serenity You Blog – as Serenity You was already taken as a personal page
now my url is
the ‘page’ and and all those numbers have now gone! to do this click on Edit Page, you can find this in your admin panel above your facebook page, then click on Edit Settings. On the right there is a list of items, click on resources then click on where it says Select a Username. Choose the name you want and see if it is available.
The next thing you want to do is upload a profile picture. I suggest you either use a photo of yourself or your blog button. Then you need a cover photo. I make mine with Picmonkey. Add a short description – I’ve included a link direct to my blog in this too. Then get sharing your content. I always use ‘upload a Photo’ then write a little bit about it and add the link to the post. Over the recent months if you had a link in the status your post would be seen by fewer people, so many published the post without the link and put the link in the comments instead, But I have noticed a change over the last few weeks, so hopefully things are getting better.
You can also schedule your facebook post. Simply upload a photo, enter your status message and link then click on the little grey clock in the bottom left corner – then choose the date and time you want to post to be published
I have only been on Twitter a few months and already I have over 1,300 followers. I use my real name -Natasha Mairs – and I use Serenityyou as my username. I suggest you do this too. When tweeting, messaging someone or including them in your tweet, you use their username with @ before. So if you wanted to include me in one of your tweets you would put @serenityyou and I would receive a notification letting me know about it. The first thing you want to do before sending out any tweets is set up the look of your profile page, so click on settings – that little cog at the top of the page – then select profile. Here you can change your photo, header, your location, add your blog url *A MUST* and a small bio. Click on design on the left to change your background, and the colour of your links. Once your all set up get find others to follow. There is a follow to followers ratio on twitter, so if you have a massive difference in the two twitter will limit how many to can follow or how many can follow you. I am not sure what the ratio is as I have my ratio close together.
Google+ is the next big thing and many think this will be bigger than twitter and facebook put together. 
I just use a personal page but you can make a page too. Many say it is best to use your real name, as it shows up higher in google searches. I use my real name followed by my blog name in brackets, so people know who I am – Natasha Mairs (Serenity You) -. OK first enter all your details, location, blog url, bio and a tagline. People can see your tagline when the hover over your photo so keep it short and sweet and let them know what your all about. Make sure you include your email address and add all your other social media accounts to the links section. Add a lovely photo of yourself and add a great cover photo.
Now to add your posts. Like facebook, don’t just add your status with a link. In google this will give you a small thumbnail of a photo. You need to click on photos and upload. People love big photos, they are more noticeable and peopleare more likely to click the link. Add your message above the pic and put the title of the post or other text you want to stand out within the star icon *. This will make your text *bold*. add the post url and you can also use the # to include topics, so others can find your post if they search for that term.
My favourite!! and totally addictive, Most of my blog traffic comes from pinterest. 
My username is natashadm as I set my pinterest account up years ago, way before I was blogging and when pinterest was new and you needed someone to refer you to get in. I only used it now and again, but it has grown in leaps and bounds and is now massive with millions of users worldwide. As with google I have used my real name with my blog name in brackets. The first thing you want to do is set up your first board, I recommend maybe starting with posts from your blog. Then you need to find others to follow – you can follow me here ๐Ÿ˜‰ . You will see on my profile page a small bio and my blog url. To add yours click on the small pencil on the bottom right corner of your profile and add all your info.
Start creating more boards and pinning others content. Arrange your boards by dragging them to where you want them. And choose and set each boards cover photo.
That’s it for now. But the MAIN thing to remember which is a MUST, is for every post you share make sure you share at least 4 posts that belong to others. Many say you should share 10 to everyone post, which is great! but start off small and once you get the hang of it build up. Social media is great for bringing traffic to my blog and also finding other great and fantastic ideas, but it is very time consuming. Limit yourself to a set time each day or week. You don’t want to spend all your time on social media sites and not having enough time to actually write your blog posts.
I hope these start up tips have helped. And I’ll be sharing more social media tips in the future
and if your at all interest in follow me via social media you can find me here:
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