Smartphone Apps to Keep Your Kids Safe {guest post}

No doubt, you are persuaded by your teenage to buy him the latest smartphone and perhaps you have purchased him the iPhone? You might be aware that whenever teenagers have something that is so technologically advanced like a smartphone, they may become vulnerable to harm. Such mobile devices enable you to surf net in full and it may result in your teenage being exposed to every kind of disturbing and harmful images and content.
For above-mentioned reason parent may think of installing some sort of surveillance app (like MobiStealth or mSpy) on their mobile devices, thus a you may examine the cell phone’s use of your teenagers. Such smartphone applications enable you to see all the data which is saved on the cell phone just by downloading the app on the targeted smartphone, then accessing and monitoring the complete data by logging in the application’s website.
If you are a parent who is desperate to keep an eye on your kids who uses a cell phone and you are concerned about the security of your children, it is recommended to download the tracking application on their smartphones. In this way, you would be completely aware of your teenagers’ activities.
These smartphone tracking apps would log every piece of data related to the use of the smartphone; it can be something like apps downloaded, emails, text messages, call logs and web pages that are visited by your teenager. In this way you know actually what your kid is viewing, watching and who is talking with and what about.
Such apps are true ones of modern technology which are also capable of recording complete data that is related to the target phone use. This monitoring application would also allow parents to block some web pages, restrict the downloading of certain applications and block particular callers. You may also program the app for alerting yourself when some phrase or word is used by the cell phone user. It can be a handy tool for helping you to restrict the sexual content which your teenage can come across.
These applications are an excellent way for you to keep the track of your kids mobile phone use. These apps also use the cell phone’s GPS signal for tracking the whereabouts of the target. This feature is especially useful for tracking lost or stolen cell phones.
Once the tracking app is downloaded on your kid’s cell phone, it runs very quietly in the background without even letting the user know about that. Thus, your children would never know that their smartphones are being monitored by someone else unless you let them know in order to achieve mutual trust despite the temptation to use cell phone tracking apps secretly.
Post by Linda Waters. Tech addict, marketing executive at Loves blogging about cell phone tracking software, mobile gadgets and their benefits for families.

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