See my name down there at the bottom of this post, just above my social media icons?
Well, today I’m going to show you how to add that there permanently, so every time you write a new blog post it’s already there

Ok, first off you need to open a photo editing service like, Picmonkey. Upload any old photo it doesn’t matter. Then click the resize button

I resized mine to 250 x 60.
Then click on the overlay icon, select geometric and then the rectangle
Drag the overlay over the photo so it covers it completely, then choose your colour. Make sure the colour you choose is EXACTLY the same as your blog post background. my blog post background is white – FFFFFF. then click the icon near the top

Click on the P on the left and then select your font style and colour. When you are happy with everything click the save button. 

Ok. so now you have your signature saved as an image, now you need somewhere to host it. Or you can use my little trick an save it to a UNPUBLISHED blog post. once you have done this right click on it to get the image url. Then go to settings in your blogger dashboard and select ‘post and comments’. Then in the post template box add:

<img src=”YOUR IMAGE URL”>

then paste your image url, where it says too. Then save.

If you want your signature aligned centered write this instead:

<div style=”text-align: center;”><img src=”YOUR IMAGE URL”></div>

Now your signature will appear at the bottom of all your future posts.
Please note: this will not appear in past posts, you’ll have to do them manually.

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