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I have recently read the new ebook A Parent’s Play Book for Learning by Jen Lilienstein. According to Jen Children have different learning profiles and each learn in a different way.

There are 8 different profiles and when you have found out which personality profile your child is you can read each section to find out which is the best ways to help your child learn, gain knowledge, do their homework, learn in a group setting, what helps motivate them, enrichment activities and more! My eldest son’s personality profile is an Introverted Sensing Judger (ISJ). And reading each section about ISJ is all bang on! everything it says is so true. It has described my child perfectly. Not only this but it has now helped me as a mum to help him learn and understand the world around him. And also in school.

Since Moving up a year from infants to the juniors in school last September it as been quite a struggle for my 8 year old, Ryan, to settle in. As before in year 2 it was easy work and they often played games but now in year 3 they are expected to be more work focused and this has been a big unexpected change for my son.

From the book
“Because your child uses previous experience as a guide for present understanding, introducing new concepts without foundation can be very uncomfortable for your child.”

This is what is says for ISJ profiles like Ryan. This rings so true to me. Not only does the book identify what my son may struggle with, it also helps me to understand how to help him overcome these struggles and puts me on the same way length on how he learns.

Jen, the author of the book also has a website Kidzmet.com, where you can also have your child take a simply personality test. They are simply questions like ‘Do you like team sports’ and your child just has to click on a face from smiley to confused. Ryan did this test and his result for his personality profile where the same as in the book, Introverted Sensory Judger.

here’s what it said:

Ryan’s Personality Type Profile:

Ryan’s Personal Motto: “Why reinvent the wheel?”

Our top 5 tips for learning for Introverted Sensing kids like Ryan are as follows:

Introverts process initial thoughts better by thinking them through, so give Ryan time for private consideration and quiet reflection of new concepts before talking about how Ryan is going to approach an assignment.

  • When a project or homework assignment comes in, help Ryan highlight the key aspects of the task and eliminate extraneous information.
  • Judgers are consummate planners, so a daytimer with individual action items will work better than an at-a-glance calendar for project planning. Similarly, if Ryan comes how with a long-term assignment with a single due date, help Ryan to develop a timeline for assignment completion that includes drafts.
  • If Ryan is struggling with a certain subject, do your best to remember the minor details of test day—for instance, what Ryan wore, had for breakfast, how Ryan studied the night before, etc. If Ryan earns a low score on the test, you can help minimize test anxiety the next time by changing these elements and making note of them. Because introverted sensors like Ryan replay impactful memories over and over again and experience the same emotions, anything you can do to separate the past experience from the present one will psychologically help put Ryan in a different frame of mind in advance of the test.
  • If Ryan seems to be lost or overwhelmed by an assignment, help Ryan reveal the path of least resistance toward successful completion by breaking down the assignment into bite-sized, step-by-step instructions.

This has described Ryan exactly.

I am so glad That I have read the ebook A Parent’s Play Book for Learning as it has really help me identify with Ryan. And now I know how to help him with his learning and help him progress effectively. And I would recommend any parent or teacher to read this book and help your child to gain confidence in learning

You can find Jen here:

I have been paid to review this ebook. All opinions are honest and 100% mine.

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  1. This sounds perfect for anyone struggling with the best way to teach children or for those who just want the best
    Confidence is so important for children
    Sounds ideal
    Going to look at this in more detail

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