This is a simple and very easy game for your little ones. Which one is missing? I got three objects and made sure they were different colours to make it easy for my two younger ones who are 2 and 3 years old. I asked them to take a good look at the objects and told them to try to remember them. Then I told them to close their eyes while I took one away. This was the fun bit as my little monkeys kept peeking through their fingers and laughing.

After I had removed one object I asked them which one was missing. Aaron aged 2, had no clue, but Caitlin who is 3 had a good think and guessed right.
Three objects is about the right amount for my two little ones, has at first I tried with about 8 objects which was way to many for them. I did try 8 objects with my 8 year old Ryan, who found it just about right for him. So I would say on this basis use the same amount of objects as their age

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