Play-Doh Fun – Cupcakes

My kids love play-doh. I love it too but I hate the mess. We also play in the kitchen with a play mat on the floor but still the kids seem to get it on their socks and carry it all around the house. And later that day I always find bits of it stuck in my new living room carpet!!! Arrgghh!!

So when we do get it out to play with it, it’s a special treat. but secretly I love playing with it too! LOL.

This time we made play-doh cupcakes. I got my new brightly coloured silicon muffin cases out, which my kids loved and my little girl squealed with delight ‘How Pretty!’ and they both started playing with them straight away. This is their reaction to just the muffin cases, I haven’t even got the play-doh out yet, it doesn’t take much to make my kids happy.

They got the play-doh and made round balls put them in the muffin cases and then flatten them a bit. They placed buttons on the top and then they placed mini craft straws in the top for candles.

Here are my little darlings, Caitlin, 3 years old and Aaron, 2 years old showing off their ‘cupcakes’

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