How to Make a Blog Button Grab Box

Ok, So now you have made your blog button now you need a grab box so other people can get the code to put your button on their site.

First off you need somewhere to host your button image, like Picasa.
But I cheat and upload my image in to a blog post, but make sure you DO NOT PUBLISH the post. 
to get the image url, right click on the image and select copy image url.
To make your blog button grab box simply copy and paste the code below, but where the words are in capitals replace with your urls. The hover text is what someone sees when they hover their mouse over your button. I have included height and width, so you can adjust your button size, But if you just want to use the size your button is already just delete these from the code

<a href=”YOUR BLOG URL” target=”_blank” title=”BLOG NAME”><img alt=”HOVER TEXT” src=”YOUR IMAGE URL” height=”150″ width=”150″/></a> <center>
<textarea cols=”13″ id=”code-source” name=”code-source” rows=”3″>
<a href=”YOUR BLOG URL”><img border=”0″ src=”YOUR IMAGE URL” height=”150″ width=”150″/></a>
and you should get something like this:
Serenity You

To add your grab box to your blogger blog, simply select layout, then add a gadget. Choose the html widget and copy and paste the code above, changing the urls. save, then drag the html gadget to where you want it to show on your blog.
I have my blog button on my right side bar and also have my blog button on their own button page – see here
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