Colour Sorting Game

The kids loved this fun colour sorting game.
First off I got 10 sheets of plain paper and wrote the name of colours on each one with their matching felt tip pen. Then I placed them on the floor in two rows.

A had a bag full of different items and had the kids take turns and pull one out and place it on the matching sheet. I did this with Caitlin age 3 and Aaron aged 2. My eldest Ryan aged 8 also helped out.
Here’s Aaron with some white cotton wool. But he was more interested in trying to make a cup of tea with it.

Here’s Aaron putting a orange crayon on the black sheet.
I have to mention that Aaron (27 months) did get all the blue items right. Blue is his favourite colour.

And here they all are, all finished. Caitlin enjoyed it so much, she put everything back in the bag and wanted to do it all again

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