Bus Stop Game

I brought this game just before Christmas and put it in the kids Christmas Eve Hamper. But I just thought that I would share this with you as my kids absolutely love it!! It’s a great game to help your kids learn to count. The aim of the game is to go around the board adding and taking away passengers and when you get to the end the winner is the one with the most passengers still on their bus.

The game is for ages 4-8 years. but I would say it is more suitable for children ages 3-6. Ryan who is 8 likes to play it but finds it too easy. Caitlin is 3 and loves adding and taking away the passengers, she likes to find the girl passengers and just have them on her bus. Aaron who is 2, can’t play this game at all, even if I do if for him. He likes putting he passengers on but when he has to take some off he just cries and runs away.
We also like to just use the passenger pieces as they are all different and have a variety of people. which is good to play I-spy, which all the kids love and also talk about different cultures of the people.

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