It’s no secret that parents have endless responsibilities with regard to their children: keep them safe, keep them happy, keep them busy, etc. Ultimately, it all amounts to an endless process that we sum up with the simple word “parenting.” But despite all of our basic familiarity with the concept, it’s still a good idea to recap some of the basics, and one of the most important concepts to consider is how to keep the home environment safe and comfortable.
For young children, the home is a sort of haven from the world. It’s where parents are, where nights are spent, and where, seemingly, everything is safe and cozy. And it’s our responsibility as parents to keep things feeling this way! So, here are 5 basic tips for how to keep your home environment safe and secure for your kids.
1. Use Home Security
The first consideration in keeping your home safe is to employ a basic security system such as those offered by companies like ADT. Home security systems offer thorough protection against intrusion, theft and vandalism, and can be the strongest factors in keeping a home safe. From house alarms and security cameras, to laser trip wires, and even smoke and gas detectors, these systems have it all, and could potentially save your children’s lives.
2. Teach Your Kids The Basics
Many parents seek to protect their children from basic home security issues by not mentioning them. It is certainly appealing to maintain innocence in this regard, and keep your children safe from the emotional burden of danger awareness. However, even the most basic concepts – not opening the door for strangers, keeping doors and windows locked, etc. – can play a major role in home security, and it’s important to teach these concepts to your children as soon as they’re old enough.
3. Use Home Insurance
Home insurance does not necessarily protect your house from danger, but a company like Aviva can provide you with valuable means to repair and rebuild your home in the event of a misfortune. If, for example, you experience a break-in with accompanying vandalism, it may help your children to see a quick recovery and repair of damaged materials. This helps to preserve the sense that the home is a protective and enduring place.
4. Work With Your Neighbours
One great way to enhance home security even further is to establish a sort of network with your neighbours. It doesn’t have to be anything as official as a neighbourhood watch, but having the extra eyes of trusted friends on your property and your children can always be helpful.
5. Practice Basic Diligence
Finally, remember to practice the basics on your own. Keep doors and windows shut and locked, set the alarm every night, and keep your eyes open for any unusual activity around your home. Your own due diligence is the best security for your children, and it’s important to maintain at all times.

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4 comments on “5 Tips for Keeping Your Kids Home Safe {guest post}”

  1. As my kids have started getting older I am starting to get more cautious and aware of home safety. I really appreciate the tips you give here of how to make your home more safe, and it seems like a lot of it has to do with locks and alarms. It is interesting how you point out that one of the easiest and most effective things to do to increase security is to change the locks.

    Thanks !!

  2. Teaching your kids about home safety is imperative to keeping your own family safe. It helps them learn the importance of it and how to be wary of dangers. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Parents are always more conscious about their kids security specially when they are not near him/her.
    Installing home security cameras are really helpful for parents. They can easily take care about all the activities of their loving kids.

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