Here is our breakfast box. Yes, it’s an old shoe box! I’m thinking about putting some scrapbook paper on to make it look a bit more prettier but for now it does it’s job.
But anyway, I decided to make this mainly for my eldest son, Ryan who is 8. He likes to get his own breakfast in the mornings while I’m sorting out the other two kids, but he often ripped the cereal boxes so that they didn’t fasten up again and he often spilt them everywhere. And the last thing I need first thing in the morning is to walk into the kitchen to find cheerios all over the floor.
I put the cereals into small zippy bags, each one fits one portion in perfectly!
I’ve also added sachets of porridge, cereal bars and my all time breakfast fav, Belvita breakfast biscuits!  Which might I add, used to be just for me, until the kids tried them. Now I don’t get a look in.

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15 comments on “Our Breakfast Box”

  1. Love this Natasha! I do something similar to this for a snack box, but I really think the kids would like this for breakfast time! thanks for sharing on create.simplify.inspre 😉

  2. Fantastic idea, it’s my hubby who tears the cereal boxes and makes a mess, will be giving this a go, might dedicate a drawer in the kitchen as a breakfast drawer…ty for the idea

  3. Wow this is a great idea. My children love making their own breakfast cereals – so I am going to make them a Shoe Box each 🙂 thank you for sharing x

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