My First Pinterest Fail

I originally found this idea from pinterest. here is the pin I used.
I thought that this was a brilliant idea!
The guy uses ointment in his, but I thought this would also be brilliant for toothpaste. I did this a while ago, last September to be precise. We were going on a family holiday and I remembered this on pinterest and thought it would be a great way store our toothpaste instead of taking a big tube.
Do I got to work. I found some straws, cut them up and started to squeeze the toothpaste in. Bad idea!! The toothpaste hole was wider then the straws and toothpaste was being squirtered everywhere. I tried holding the straw at an angle, it helped but not much.
Then I got my nose pliers and held together one end and got my lighter and melted it until it a formed a seal. Then I did the other end, the side that I had put toothpaste into. Sometimes it sealed sometimes it didn’t. But when it did it work, it burnt, leaving black soot on it, then a few minutes later it would re-open
Here’s the first good side

and here is the burnt side where the toothpaste went in

I don’t know if it didn’t work because the toothpaste went all over the straw or because it was toothpaste I used, I the original used ointment (see pin)
Don’t think I’ll be trying out this one again

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