I think i’m behind with the times!!
I only found out yesterday that google reader was to be no more.
My first reaction was to panic!!!

How am I going to keep upto date with all my favourite blogs!! How are people going to be able to follow me?

Then I noticed everyone posting about bloglovin. I’ve been signed up with bloglovin for about a year now but never really used it, as I loved google reader (boo hoo!) I’ve always found it a bit hard to work out. And How was I going to add all the blogs I follow over to bloglovin!? it would take ages! as I follow hundreds of blogs. And what about blogs that don’t have bloglovin how was I going to follow them??

I was almost having a major panic attack!!

But there was no need to worry at all!! It was so simple!!
Ifyou haven’t already got a bloglovin account it’s easy to set up and claim your blog. Just enter your details and make a new blog post with a little code and you all set. Just place the bloglovin follow button on your site and your away.

And has for importing all the blogs you read from google reader is easy to! Just go to settings and click the button to import from google reader and within a minute or 2 you have all your lovely blogs you follow right there on your bloglovin feed! And don’t worry if your favourite blogs don’t use bloglovin, you can still follow them to. To add new blog just search for there name in the search bar, and hey presto! Their there, just click the follow button!!!

So if you would like to follow me via bloglovin simply click the button below

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2 comments on “Google reader is going!! Now what to do!”

  1. Like you we had been on bloglovin’ for a while but just didn’t do anything with it. Now we are there too…I’m still trying to think of the best way to sort through all the blogs we follow. I wish there was a reader out there that would let you put bloggers into more than one group. I hope you will find us there if you haven’t already!

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