Cleaning Notes

Am I the only one who hates cleaning?
No, good.

I absolutely hate it! I have to force myself to do it. But I do love having a nice clean and tidy home, just coming downstairs in the morning to find it all nice and tidy just puts me in a good mood.

Are you like me and sometimes leave the dinner dishes and say ‘oh, I’ll just do them in the morning’ only to find that when you do get up the following day and walk into your kitchen with dirty pots and pans everywhere the first thing you feel like doing is going back to bed

That’s when I came up with cleaning notes. So simple but genius! I have 6 sticky notes on my fridge with chores that need doing. Me and my husband simple pick one each to do and replace it with another chore. We choose one each everyday. Makes cleaning the house so much easier and fun because me and my husband are always rushing to the fridge to pick the most easier chore LOL.

And do you see them cute little peg magnets? I brought them a while ago from Samantha’s Etsy store. She makes some really cute things and she has quite a few gorgeous sewing patterns, go check her out at At home with Mrs H . We use these to write down little reminders or sometimes just ‘I love you’ notes

I use these as part of My Command Center

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