As soon as I saw this advertised, I knew I had to see it. I cannot express how happy I was to see a spoof that wasn’t about Vampires or Twilight!
The film lived up to the little hype it did receive, with a cast of fairly new faces it had little pressure to deliver, John Malcovich returns to the silver screen with a good shift as the scary dad in what turned out to be a modern supernatural take on Romeo and Juliet.
Now Shakespeare knew how to write a story all those years ago so the film already had a pretty sturdy foundation, to bring in James Franco’s little brother David as the boyfriend of main character Julie is a masterstroke, we need to see more of this kid, and Tara Palmer leads the film well.
Now if you are a keen TV freak like me you will recognise Nicholas Holt as Tony, from the first generation of Skins. If not then I’m sure you will agree, his debut on the big screen was a big reason to watch.
The story starts a lot like Romeo and Juliet except for the fact the its brains being eaten instead of fights being had, R (Whom Julie names) then seems to fall for Julie, not knowing that her dad is a vampire hunter and a whole load of romance and comedy ensues.
It’s definitely a film to sit and watch on a Sunday afternoon with a hot cup of tea when it’s raining outside. It has its funny moments and is not long enough to leave you bored. The acting does have a few weak points at the beginning of the film but it only gets better as it goes on.
4 stars
Tip: Don’t eat too much popcorn; you will choke on it with laughter

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