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It’s been awhile…

Our family {the girls and I} are gearing up for Valentine’s Day.  I never was one to celebrate and decorate for EVERY, SINGLE holiday but now that I have girls, they get so excited.  It actually makes the winter months go a lot faster here in the north when you can decorate the inside and have ‘holiday’ milestones until Spring.

The craft I’m sharing was appropiate for both girls and well, Me.  No ‘pin’ for inspiration just me thinking about what could mimick watercolors without having actual watercolor paints.  We used coffee filters, markers, and wet paintbrushes to make these adorable heart decorations.

What makes these even better is how incredibly cheap and easy they are.

Coffee Filters
Washable Markers or water color pencils
Paint Brushes
1. Flatten out coffee filters and fold in half.
2. Cut from the top and bottom making a heart shape when the filter is opened.
3. Let the kiddos color on the hearts.
4. Dip a paint brush into water and paint away…the colors will start to blend with each other.
5. Let dry on a towel or waxed paper for a couple of hours before handling.
6. Display and enjoy!

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