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Christmas is one of the happiest, festive times of the year, there are lots of parties and presents and unfortunately with this…a lot of mess.  Here are some hints and tips to help you to clean up better at Christmas and after Christmas parties.
Keeping your house clean on Christmas day is impossible, unless you have no children and don’t celebrate Christmas it can’t be done, there will be some mess.  If you have children, then there will be lots of mess everywhere…but all you need to do on Christmas day is keep the house as mess free as possible, nobody will judge you for your house being messy.
If you are expecting visitors throughout the day, or have guests in your home, and are doing things like preparing dinner, try cleaning up in regular 15 minute intervals, this will help you to juggle playing host, chef and cleaner.
If you have children, make them responsible for cleaning their own toys away.  Flat pack any boxes that you wish to keep, store instruction manuals and warranties and throw all wrapping paper and packaging away.  Tell your child that they must put away a toy before getting out a new one, and gifts that you store any gifts that they or you can’t use straight away. De-clutter as much as possible and get all the family to help you with this.
When you are preparing dinner, clean as you go, wash dishes and pans as you use them to reduce how much you need to do later and ensure you have enough glasses, dishes and cutlery for everyone. Use as few pans as you can, if you can put your carrots and peas together in one saucepan to cook, then why not, this will mean one less pan to clean.
Throughout eating dinner continually take away any bowls, plates, glasses and pieces of cutlery that aren’t being used so there is less to clean up afterwards and to help to keep the table clutter free.  Remove any bits of crackers that aren’t prizes, jokes or party hats and any other rubbish people may have out on the table throughout the meal.  Clear the table almost completely between the courses so that at the end of the meal all you are left with are glasses and tea and coffee cups to clear away, doing this will ensure you are able to spend more time with your guests as clearing everything away at the end of the meal would mean you being away from your guests for a while.
If you throw a party on Christmas night adopt the clean regularly for 15 minutes routine.  You want to enjoy your party and not spend all your time cleaning, equally, you don’t want to wake up the next morning nursing a hangover with a mountain of cleaning up to do.  Use paper cups, plates and cutlery so you can throw these straight into the bin.  Once the evening is drawing to a close, get any food that you want to store, cover it with cling film and put it in your fridge, throw the rest into the rubbish.  This shouldn’t take too long to do but if you have prepared a particularly large buffet and it is going to take longer than 15 minutes, clean it up in a few visits, perhaps clean away anything that is empty or nearly empty first, then start clearing away the starters leaving out the snacks and desserts until last to clear away.
The day after Christmas you will need to completely vacuum your house
as it won’t have been done the day before and throughout Christmas day your house is likely to get dirty. Clean all surfaces and ensure all packaging etc. from gifts are either disposed of properly or stored away, by now everything you have received should have a home within your home where it can be stored.

 So hopefully if you’ve followed the advice and taken all the steps to clean up you should have an immaculate house. If not you might find that your place is in such a bad mess you really need to bring in a professional industrial cleaning company but let’s hope not! 

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