If you’re looking for a simple Valentine’s Day craft with a big impact, here’s one of our favourites!

Get a dollar store canvas if you can, because it’s a lot easier to remove tape and stickers from than other surfaces. Cut out a bunch of hearts (I used painters tape and some sticky-backed label paper I had on hand). Let your child arrange them on the canvas:

Now get out paint in Valentine’s Day colours. It doesn’t matter what kind of paint you use, so just grab whatever you have on hand. In this case, we used watercolour with the 23 month old, and acrylic with the 5 year old. A younger child can finger paint. An older child can blow paint, brush paint, or use their toes! Encourage them to cover the entire canvas.

Let it dry. This is the hard part. Every tape resist art masterpiece in our house has at least one splotch from me someone test-removing the edge of the tape. If you’re a card-carrying member of Camp Glitter, you can sprinkle some on while the paint is still wet; just make sure it’s not only on the stickers.


Remove the stickers, and admire your child’s beautiful work!


Eddie, The Usual Mayhem.

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8 comments on “A super simple Valentine’s Day craft”

  1. Popping over from Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas’ Sunday Showcase . . . fun, simple, cute! I love it! My kiddos would definitely have a good time with this. Thanks for sharing.

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