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Glass-top stoves are something most people really love because of their sleek, futuristic look and easy use. You can clean them a lot easily than traditional stoves and they are better in many ways. They can also be stained just as easily as regular stoves so cleaning them can be either a chore or something easy, depending on how you do it. Here we have made a few nice hints available to you so you can take the latter road:
1. Prepare the stove
Make sure everything is of and cooled down to a point where its safe to spray cleaners on it. The majority of these stoves have a heat indicator light which lets you know if its safe to touch it or not. Avoid using pans and pots that have abrasive qualities if you want to retain the shine and gloss of the glass plate.
2. Use pantry products
You’d be surprised at what products might be available for cleaning up glass surfaces. Your kitchen’s baking soda and vinegar as well as lemon juice can be used to wipe the glass plate clean. Mixing white vinegar and baking soda makes a great scrubber which will dissolve all of the burnt-out remains or stains on the surface of the glass. You can let the mixture work for some time before you wipe it off and it will help dissolve most of what’s on the glass.
3. Use a scraper or a razor
Some of what gets caked on the glass will be difficult to remove so you may want to use a scraper, however this needs to be done very carefully and at the right angle to avoid scratching the glass. Do short movements and avoid pressing down on the glass. The idea is to remove the stain not scrape off the top layer of the glass, so use caution and if possible a plastic scraper instead of a metal one, that way you’ll have a better chance to avoid actually scratching the surface.
4. Use a special kind of cleaner
For the most part the products offered for cleaning glass are non-abrasive, creamy substances just perfect for what needs to be done. There are a few things to keep in mind when working with glass however and that is to let the cleaner work by leaving it for some time before trying to wipe everything off. If that doesn’t work use it as a lubricant for scraping, carefully working your way through the spots with it.
5. Clean food stains right away
There is nothing worse than a caked on spot or things like burnt sugar that coagulate and become nearly impossible to clean. In some cases this may even weaken the structure of the glass plate, making it possible to crack the whole thing if you’re not being careful. Make sure you clean

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