Hi Everyone.  It’s Kimberly from My Pinterest Reality and I’m so happy to be back sharing a super easy kids craft with all of you.  I actually contemplated a couple of times whether or not it was too easy to share.   I finally reminded myself that sometimes the simple crafts are the best.  To make this craft even sweeter….it was cheap and provided at least 45 minutes of straight crafting for my girls which also means 45 minutes for me!  With the kiddos staying at home soon for holiday break, this would be the perfect customized craft for them to do together.

Have a great, happy and sane holiday! See you in the new year!

You’ll need:
Wooden letters (any size but we did 12″ letters)
Sequins or other adornments your kids will like
Hot glue gun
1. Choose you wooden letters from the craft store.  We decided to go with 12″ letters since they were going on the girls’ doors.

2. Let them have at it.  I put out paint and crayons and had them color first. (Those gems are not glued yet!)

3. Layout glue sticks and embellishments for the kids to add to their letter.  Be creative with the embellishments you use.  I have girly-girls who LOVE anything that shines or sparkles so our embellishment of choice is rhinestones and sequins.

4. Once the glue and paint are dry, cut the length of ribbon you’d prefer (12″ is what we used) and hot glue it to the back of the letters creating a loop.
5.  Hang your child’s letters on their bedroom door, wall or playroom.  My girls are so proud of their custom letters and love how it shows where their room is.

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