This year I made another advent calendar for my 7 year old.
Last year I made a Toilet Roll Advent Calendar, this year I’ve gone for mini boxes filled with treats.
All you need to make this is scrap paper, scissors and a paper cutter

I used 6×6 inch paper and cut each piece into four, so that they were 3×3 inch.
Each 6×6 paper can make 2 boxes with lids. The bases have to be a bit smaller than the lids so I trimmed them by 3mm at the top and one side.
To start off get one of the 3×3 paper and place the coloured side down and fold corner to corner, then do the other corner to corner. you should than have what looks like four triangles
Then get one corner and fold to the middle, do this for each corner then unfold.
Then get a corner and fold to the top crease, do this for each corner then unfold.
fold each corner to the closest crease. Then unfold
Your paper should now look like the second photo
Now this is the hardest part. Make to cuts on the bottom and top. making sure that you only cut upto the 4 little squares in the middle. Do Not cut at the sides
Now take the corner where you didn’t cut and fold over as in the photo. Then do it with the other side bringing in the flaps
Now take the other two corners over the flaps to make the box
There is no need to glue, but you can if you like. You have just made your lid. Then do exactly  the same with the piece of paper that is slightly smaller then 3×3 to make the base
You can make these cute little boxes with any size paper as long as it is square
I used a heart punch to punch white hearts out and numbered them 1-24 and glued them on
I placed little treats inside each one the placed in a small kilter jar. I added a tag and a bit of ribbon

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