Treat-filled Spiders
If you have small kids, you’re probably like me and always on the search for fun yet SIMPLE crafts. They need something different and fun, but their attention span isn’t going to last for too long. When I came across these little treat holders, I loved the idea! It was just crafty enough to keep them entertained, without stretching it out beyond everyone’s patience (ours included)! It’s also easy on the budget, which is a HUGE bonus!
Supplies – for each spider

Round container with clear lid (it’s more fun when you can see the treats!)
4 long black pipe cleaners
2 googly eyes, desired size
1 jewel, pom-pom or other ‘nose’
TREATS (the best part, right?)

First, tape the pipe cleaners to the bottom  of the container so they stick out even lengths on each side.

Then, glue on the eyes and nose. Fill with treats (such as M&Ms), and you’re done!
Treat-filled Spider

A simple Halloween (or anytime, really) craft that even smaller children can do (just beware of choking). The treats didn’t last long, but my kids had fun ‘earning’ more treats to fill them with!

Happy Halloween to Everyone!

Danielle from Busy Mom’s Helper

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