Morning everyone.  This is Kimberly from My Pinterest Reality. I’m so excited to be writing my first post for Natasha as a contributor to Serenity You.  I have two little girls (2 & 4) and they love to dress up.  The more sparkles, glitz and shine the better.  This is so unlike their mother.  When we go out, they love to wear bracelets and necklaces since it’s the only accessories they see me wear. 
One of the best bracelets I’ve found for children (and adults) are beaded bracelets made with memory wire.  No matter the age of the child, there is something they can do to help in making their bracelet.  They can pick out beads, bead the actually bracelet or just give you directions on the order.  Unlike the clasp bracelets, the wire bracelets will never break and your child can take it on and off themselves.
It’s such a great keepsake you can make with your children for special occasions.

My Results:

Bracelet-sized memory wire (available at any craft store)
Round nose jewelry pliers
Large round beads of your choice
Small round beads of your choice
Wire cutters
Charm (optional)

1. Start by taking the memory wire and cutting off enough to make one loop around your childs wrist. Leave about a 1″ overlap. For my 4 year old girl, I used 7″ total.
2. Take one end of your wire and using your round nose pliers create a small loop in the opposite direction that the memory wire curves. Having this loop at the end will keep your beads from sliding off the bracelet.
3. Start to string your beads onto the open end of the wire in the pattern you (or your child) would like.
4. String with beads until you have about half an inch at the end of your bracelet to make another small loop.
5. If you’re using a charm, string it on after the last bead.
6. Repeat step #2 to the other end of the bracelet.
7. Wear and enjoy!

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