Organising a child’s garden party

The long summer holiday can often prove something of an endurance test for parents and children alike. Arranging childcare and keeping offspring occupied takes organisation and imagination, so why not relieve some of the pressure and get the children involved in their own entertainment?
Children are bound to miss spending time with their contemporaries during the long summer break and sometimes it is not possible to arrange regular play dates. If that is the case, think about organising a one-off occasion. A summer garden party is a great way for to get children together with friends and need not necessarily be an expensive or exhausting exercise in organisation.
Why wait for a special occasion or birthday? Make the most of the summer season and enjoy the warm weather. Holding a party outside can often be far more relaxing for all involved. Rowdy noise levels and unruly behaviour are far more tolerable in the open air. The party guests have the room they need to run riot and the adults need not concern themselves with mess and spillages.
Ensuring that children get involved with all of the preparations is a great way of keeping them occupied. Children relish the responsibility of making party arrangements and enjoy the excitement of the build-up to the big event.
One way of harnessing this enthusiasm is by encouraging them to make bunting to adorn the garden. Simply cut triangle shapes out of old pieces of colourful cloth, attach them to a long length of material or rope, and hang the bunting up in the trees or along fence panels. Alternatively, a garden bursting with ballons is always a popular option!
In consultation with the children, decide upon a particular theme, such as a safari adventure or a garden grotto for fairies. The party invitations can be made in keeping with the chosen theme, such as cut into the shape of a stegosaurus or folded like the fluttering wings of a butterfly. Fancy dress is also good fun and open to interpretation and imagination.
Simple snacks can take on a new twist with just a little bit of imagination. Often the more gruesome the ingredients are, the better the results will be. Tried and tested party favourites such as chocolate cornflake cakes are simple to make and can be made up in large quantities with the help of the mini-chefs.
Playing a few party games can be a great way of ensuring that all the guests are included in the fun. It is as easy to play musical chairs in the garden as it is indoors. Simply use outdoor furniture instead, and grab an extension lead to rig up some music. A fun and feisty alternative to pinning the tail on the donkey is to bash the living daylights out of it. A piñata can be hung from a tree and the children take it in turns to wallop the papier-mâché model in a bid to break out the tasty treats concealed within.
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  1. Such parties can be very helpful in growing children’s mental and physical health. I would suggest that adding animals fiberglass sculpture would catch children eyes. In such parties organizers are more concerned about getting attention of guests and I think adding some playable like the one mentioned above will be handy.

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