Meningitis – Would You Know If Your Child Had It?

17-23rd September is Meningitis Awareness Week

Meningitis can be a fatal disease and is also a disease that strikes fast. So knowing the symptoms and what to look out for is something every parent should know

The main symptoms are:
Severe Headache
Stiff neck
Dislike of bright lights
Very sleepy or hard to wake
Confused or delirious

Symptoms can be slightly different in babies and toddlers
Symptoms are those above along with these:
Refusing to eat or feed
irritable, not wanting to be held or touched
a stiff body or floppy, unable to stand
high pitch moaning

If your child has these symptoms go to your nearest hospital straight away!

The rash is usually the last symptom to appear
The rash is different to other rashes as when you place a glass over it, it won’t fade

Watch this video for more information and how to preform the glass test

Symptoms poster

Click here to view and download leaflets about meningitis and what to look out for

If you think your child may have meningitis, don’t wait around, go straight to your nearest emergency room. If they haven’t got a rash, don’t wait for it to appear. Your child may not have meningitis, but it’s always best to be safe then sorry. And remember meningitis can kill a child within hours

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