3 Back-to-School Food Pinterest Boards to Follow {Guest Post}

3 Back-to-School Food Pinterest Boards to Follow
lunch-box- 3 Back-to-School Food Pinterest Boards to Follow
School will commence shortly. However, if you’re anything like me—an extremely pressed for time working mom trying to keep her business insurance company afloat—finding  the time to get creative when it comes to back-to-school breakfasts, lunches, or just snacks can  be a difficult ordeal, especially if  your  children are picky eaters (like mine). Fortunately, there is a new social media/booking marking site called Pinterest that can give you access to a plethora of healthy, tasty, and creative back-to-school meal or snack ideas that can entertain your children throughout the school year. While there are tons of options in the Pinterest database, I’ve highlighted some of best three “boards” below to help point you in the right direction.  All you have to do is double click on the images to redirect you to the recipe or the original source.

Breakfast of Champions

Like the name suggests, this Pinterest board is dedicated to yummy breakfast foods. While there are some real mature options for adults and brunch parties, there are some really good options for kids as well like frozen yogurt fruit rolls ups, Nutella stuffed muffins, breakfast pizzas and homemade granola bars. With more than 300 “pins” you should be able to find something that strikes your child’s fancy. To make mornings easier, choose to prepare options the night before. It’s also best to prepare items that are “portable” in case your child has to eat on the go.

Back-to-School Lunches

Sandwiches are a staple and there are plenty of sandwich recipes and creative ways to present those recipes (such as transforming sandwiches into an Angry Birds character, a kabob, or a “sushi” roll) on this board. However, there are also some really other great “sandwich-less” options for your child to enjoy as well, such as DIY pizza Lunchables, wraps, and pita pockets. There are even a few pins that offer tips on how to prepare lunches with ease, such as letting your child create a “lunch board” so you know what he or she wants to eat on certain days.

Kid Friendly Food

Last but not least is the Kid Friendly Food board, which I like to call to loosely call the “snack” board.  That’s because it’s filled with tons of great after school snack ideas that can satisfy even the pickiest eaters. Most of the recipes call for parents to create stencils, characters, and other fun shapes to make fruit and other healthy snacks seem more appealing. The level of difficulty to prepare these snacks naturally occurs from easy to hard.
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