Theme Week – Zoo Week

This was our second themed activity week. For our first them we did Dinosuars- see here, this time we did Zoo week

First we did some worksheets and printable from 3dinosuars and sparklebox

My little girl Caitlin is 2 and a half and she loved gluing the animals in the right places, here favourite was the tiger


I got the kids to search the house for stuff zoo animals I had hid, Then we played ‘what noise does this animal make’ The kids choose a toy and had to make the sound it makes.

And here the 3 of them are pretending to be slippery snakes

and here they are pretending to be lions

We also printed out some animals masks here

We also learned that Zoo begins with the letter Z

Here’s my post on it but the idea is originally from Taming the Goblin

Here are the books we read

That’s Not My Tiger… (Usborne Touchy-Feely Books)

Monkey Bites – my kids LOVED these!!!

 Our Snake Collages

Our paper Plate Crocodiles

Our Paper plate Lions

Other things we did:

Roar! game
Print out some animal cards (I used these) and take turns turning them over, when a lion card is turned over shout ‘Roar!’ the last one to say it is out, carry on till there is only one winner

Play with Stickers
Find some animal stickers and make zoo scene on paper

Make an Animal book
cut a few sheets of paper in to 6×4 and hole pouch one side and tie with ribbon to make a small book, Get your kids to draw zoo animals on each page

Make a map of a zoo

Do an Animal Word-search

Sing Animal Songs
I made a file of the songs we sung click here to download it

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