How To Keep Yourself Refreshed This Summer
Once the summer heat strikes, there’s no stopping the sweat from dropping. But in one way or another, there are so many things that you can do to keep you refreshed and replenished all through this hot, weary months. You really don’t have to spend a lot just to enjoy the season and keep yourself cool and fresh. There are actually so many price-less and time tested ideas that you and your family can apply to make your summer experience one unforgettable and truly memorable experience.
How to Keep Yourself Refreshed This Summer (guest post)
Go Somewhere
Summers are season to be carefree but not too many are willing to enjoy this season. Phone calls to attend, emails to replies, bosses to talk too—even while on holiday, people keep on taking their workload even while they’re off with the family. But lifestyle coach Victoria Moran said this shouldn’t be. From office mode, condition yourself that you shouldn’t be actually working or tending any office-related stuffs. So, get out for a while. Feel your surrounding. Enjoy the crisp, fresh air. Be refreshed by the greenness of the forest or feel the wave kissing your face. Take a deep breath and enjoy what’s right there. Indeed, these are so much for a refreshing summer!
Enjoy the simple things
Who says you need to cruise down the Riviera or fly to Hawaii just to have a perfect summer vacation? You really don’t need these big trips. It’s all about the right mindset. Start each morning with a prayer and meditate on what you really want to do that will make your day—or perhaps your summer experience—really amazing. You want to sip a glass of cool iced tea on the porch? Go to that! You want to enjoy watching the firefly after work? Suit yourself. Summer is the time for simple pleasure. Don’t deprive yourself of that chance to enjoy this one whole season of rest and relaxation.
Get Out for a While
Spend at least 30 minutes under the sun and you’ll feel vibrant all through out the day. Walk. Jog around. Take a stroll. These simple activities will complete your day and keep you refreshed all day long.
Plan a summer barbecue
No summer is complete without a summer barbecue while the cold, summer wind blows at night. You want to share the warmth of your hospitality with friends and family while round about a bonfire, chatting about life while grilling hotdog or marshmallow. Nothing compares to reaching out to old pals and talking about simple things. It’s the best respite that you could have outside office and a chance to reconnect and bond with people who matter most to you.
Just do nothing for a day
Summer is time to sit back and think about life and enjoy the slow pace turn of time. Sit on the porch. Stroll in the yard. Go garage shopping. Grill some corn. Go fishing. For a day this summer, give yourself a break to enjoy a day doing nothing but being happy with your family. This will refresh not just your body but will also recharge your mind.
Now that summer’s here, you might want to take a day off and enjoying refreshing, quality moments with your family and friends.

About the Author – Manilyn Moreno is a writer and caterer for Better Cater . She enjoys writing about her passions which include cooking, organizing events and outdoor activities


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  1. Now before you go on planning a small family party, make sure that everything is child proof and safe, especially if you have a pool and kids kept running around. It would be best to lay down anti-slip mats or if possible, do like what we did, lay down some limestone perth.

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