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When I hear the phrase ‘Child Abduction’ I automatically think of a stranger kidnapping a child, It never even crossed my mind that it could be the child’s parent. But Peter Senese’s book Chasing the Cyclone has opened up my eyes to child abduction by parents.
Chasing the Cyclone is a heartfelt and frustrating story inspired by the authors true story. It tells the journey of Peter Thomas who want’s access to his 7 year old son, Alex. Which is made extremely difficult by his ex wife, D, who is very spiteful and malicious.
D plans to move across the world from Canada to New Zealand to live with her new boyfriend whom she met on the internet, taking her young son with her. And all the while trying to do this behind Peter’s back. Peter as to endure court battles, pay lawyers and hire private detectives to track down his ex wife and son. This book often had me in tears and the pure determination of a fathers battle to protect his son was unimaginably terrifying. Reading it had me shouting out loud at how his ex wife, D, could be so cruel to both Peter and her son Alex, has what she was doing was basically child abuse and it made me so angry to think that there are people out their like this.
This is a very powerful book that I recommend every parent should read. It certainly opened my eyes to child abduction and it will certainly open your eyes too.
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During the summer vacation months, many parents intending to internationally abduct a child will use the summer school break to carry out their plan. In many cases the parent intending to internationally abduct a child will tell the targeted parent that they want to take the child for a summer visit abroad in order to see their family members living in another country. They disguise their intent to abduct as a family vacation (with or without the other parent). Once the child is in a foreign country (typically the scheming parent’s country of origin), they will make claims of abuse and neglect by the other parent (these claims are equally made amongst men and women abductors in order to defend against the conspired act of abduction). Once this is done, they notify the other parent that they and the child are not returning to the country where the child was living. All too often the targeted parent faces incredible circumstances . . . and returns home without their child while they seek legal remedy. And as I previously shared with you, the recovery rate of abduction is very, very low.
So, parents must be very mindful of the warning signs that one parent may be planning an abduction by disguising their trip abroad as a family vacation. Please click here to review Warning Signs Of A Planned Abduction.

 About Peter
Peter Thomas Senese is a child abduction prevention advocate and a successful chasing parent in accordance to the rules of international parental child abduction law established under the Hague Convention. Mr. Senese is a Founding Director of the not-for-profit International Child Abduction Research & Enlightenment (I CARE) Foundation. In his volunteer advocacy, Mr. Senese has provided testimony to various government bodies regarding child abduction. Under Mr. Senese’s guidance, the I CARE Foundation has built a national network of highly trained pro bono lawyers willing to assist parents and children who are either targeted for abduction or have been illegally abducted, and has led a secondary campaign recruiting attorneys to join the United States Department of State’s ‘Hague Convention Attorney Network’.

In addition, the I CARE Foundation is behind two federal legislative initiatives that if passed is anticipated to dramatically reduce the number of child abductions and instances of human trafficking. The new legislative initiatives revolve around modification in the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, and, the implementation of Prevent Departure Program – II. In addition, Mr. Senese advocated for the passage of the State of Florida’s ‘Child Abduction Prevention Act’ (CAPA) that was enacted on January 1st, 2011. Mr. Senese successfully sought for the implementation and dissemination of what was previously a widely underutilized federal child abduction prevention program; specifically, the ‘Prevent Departure Program’ (PDP) that is now highly utilized in order to protect targeted parents and their child from abduction in certain case scenarios. Mr. Senese advocated for the passage of both the states of California and New York’s on line impersonation bills that are now law.

Peter Thomas Senese is the creator/writer/producer of the educational documentary film series ‘Chasing Parents: Racing Into The Storms Of International Parental Child Abduction’, a multi-best-selling geopolitical author whose upcoming world-wide book release that focuses on international child abduction titled ‘Chasing The Cyclone’ has been critically acclaimed as a call-to-arms against child abduction. Peter is the co-author of the highly informative, extensively researched book on IPCA titled ‘The World Turned Upside Down’. In addition, Peter is the writer of an extensive number of influential articles and essays pertaining to IPCA. He has created and oversees a comprehensive website dedicated to child abduction prevention and good parenting ( where numerous essays may be found, including the eye-opening report ‘Crisis In America: International Parental Child Abduction Today’ Peter co-authored with Ms. Carolyn Vlk. Dedicated to bringing about new child abduction prevention laws while creating dialogs that may reform certain government programs and protocols so that they may better serve targeted children and their parents, Peter Senese is a strong supporter of The Hague Convention and The Department of State’s Office Of Children’s Issues. Paramount to all things, Peter is a loving father. Mr. Senese has donated various royalties generated from the sales of his novels to the I CARE Foundation, which has used these monies to successfully reunite children internationally kidnapped or prevented an abduction from occurring.

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