quick mac and cheese recipe
The day before I’m due to go food shopping is just the worst, we never seem to have anything left only bits and bobs. So normally we have a concoction. Anyway, I was searching the cupboards trying to find what I could throw together for tea, something that would be quick to make as time was getting on, and all I could find was macaroni and some cheese in the fridge.
I had a some milk and flour too, so that was decided , we were having Mac and Cheese for tea.
To make just boil your macaroni in a pan and in another pan pour in around 200-300ml of milk, grate the cheese into the milk and add one or two large spoonfuls of plain flour to make the sauce thicker. Bring to the boil and simmer for a few minutes. Drain the water from the macaroni and pour the cheese over, give it all a good mix.  Done!
I also found a packet of breadcrumbs so I sprinkled this over the top and place in the grill on high for a few more minutes.
How easy and quick was that? Quick mac and Cheese served in just minutes.
quick mac and cheese recipe
The kids love this and every plate looked completely clean when they had finished
You just can’t beat good old comfort food



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