Spice Rack Ideas

My herb and spice rack is a mess and so boring!!
it’s just standing on the kitchen side, blocking my view out the window!

The only wall space I have in my kitchen is either near my door that leads to the living room, but I normally have my calender there, or above the cooker. But I don’t think that’s such a good idea as it will properly get greasy from all the cooking and knowing me, I’ll end up knocking one of the jars off the rack into my big pan of pasta sauce getting tomatoes absolutely everywhere!! And did I ever tell you how hard it was to get tomato pasta sauce out of my lovely white top?
I’ve decided that I need a new spice rack, So I’ve been doing what I love doing the most, can you guess? Yes, searching through blogland!! My favourite pastime
And here’s what I’ve found

homemade wall mounted spice rack design

Love this idea! Could also maybe stick them to the fridge

kitchen spice rack
Rev-A-Shelf 4SDI-18

in a drawer out of sight, so not cluttering everywhere up 


How great it is this? 

Add a spice rack to an upper cabinet.

Like this idea. Could fasten my spice rack on the back of my cupboard door. will have to check that the door will still shut though

Fastening under a shelf.  like this one

  Like the tube design of these 

I think i will try to see if my spice rack will fit on the door of my cupboard if not I think I’m going to try and find some of them metal containers to stick on the side of my fridge

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