First of all, I want to thank Natasha for giving me the opportunity to pop over from The Vintage Milk House and guest post for you all today! As a Wife, Mom, DIYer and lover of all things fun and creative, I can’t be more excited to share a few alternative ideas for filling those Easter Eggs with you! 
When I starting thinking about Easter Egg hunts I get all sorts of excited for my kids! I remember, on Easter Morning, my sister and I racing to see who could get the bigger pile of eggs.  My Mom would fill them and my Dad would hide them. He was careful to make sure he hid some high ones for me and some low ones for her. Not only were we six years apart but, to this day, she is also almost 6″ shorter than me! The hunt would be over in a matter of minutes but all the while my parents would watch us run, slide, crawl, jump, push – anything to get those eggs! My sister and I would be laughing at each other’s ridiculous tactics while taunting that one already had more than the other.  I am not ashamed to say that even up until we were 23 and 17 we were still racing against each other on Easter Morning! That was the last year we “competed”. As my husband watched us in utter disbelief; that year she took my title as reining champion, because I was PREGNANT with my first child! 
Since then we have resolved to leave the hunting to MY CRAZY KIDS and now its my job to fill the eggs and my husband is in charge of hiding them. Growing up, my Mom was good at filling them with our favorite candies and sometimes coins. But after my son’s first Easter I quickly realized how much candy filled up his baskets from Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and friends. Not to mention the candy in all of the eggs I had hidden! So I decided to be a little more creative in the past few years in what I fill the eggs with. While I still do some eggs with candy I don’t feel so bad about the mounds of eggs waiting for my husband to hide if I know most of them are filled with things other than cavity bait!
Here are a few ideas that I hope will inspire you to creatively fill those plastic eggs!

This year my son is all sorts of excited about Army Men. And at 4 1/2 he can’t get enough of these little guys! (I think this guy is up for the challenge!)
There are a million little things that fit into eggs. 

Other Ideas For Boys:

Hot Wheels
Lincoln Logs
Barrel of Monkeys
Small train cars
My daughter loves just about anything to do with dress up and this year at 2 1/2 is really excited about hunting for eggs. It’s so fun to watch their little faces at this age!
 Other Ideas For Girls:

Hair Clips/Bows
Small Nail Polishes
My lil Pony’s
Stick on Earrings
Non-Gender Specific
Puzzle Pieces
Bouncy Balls
Of course there are also other foods that are great alternatives to candy!
Teddy Grahams
For Older Kids: 
(Like my sister and I not a few years ago!)
Written clues to where their basket is hidden
Chore Coupons
Movie Vouchers
$ (Of course!)
Batteries (To use for coordinating items in baskets)
Words of Affirmation
 Hopefully the Easter Bunny finds you all well and maybe inspires you to find the kid in yourself for the day! 

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11 comments on “Instead of Candy Filled Eggs from The Vintage Milk House {Guest Post}”

  1. We do very little candy! Great non sugar ideas!
    One of my favorites are the Golden Dollar coins, only the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Leprechauns and the like give these special gold coins ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. These are GREAT! So many family and friends have given things to my children already that I didn’t want to give them even MORE candy on Easter. But I wanted to do something special for them. Thank you for these suggestions. I will be using them!

  3. Great ideas. I had luck this year in the ‘party favor’ aisle at Target. They had several options for small-ish items. My little guy is getting bouncy balls and plastic bugs as well as a couple Lego figurines in his eggs this year. Thanks for the tips!

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