Are You Wearing the Right Sized Bra?

Did you know that over 80% of women are wearing the wrong sized bra?
That means over 90 million  women worldwide are wearing the wrong size bra!
And did you know that wearing an ill fitting bra can actually give you health problems?
They can cause headaches, tension across the back and shoulders, backache and bad posture. And they could be doing damage to your breasts.  If the bra is too small this could leave the bra rubbing causing un-noticeable scarring within the breast tissue and if your bra is too big and not giving you enough support then you could end up with sagging and stretched tissue
So it’s very important that we are wearing the right sized bra. And our shape and size are always changing so you should get your self measured regularly.

Take a look at this bra fitting video and find out if your wearing the wrong sized bra

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