A New Great Weight and Health Tracker Website

I’ve just been introduced to this great new weight loss/health tracker website called slimkicker.com 
It’s a level up game and point based program.

You log what you eat everyday and get points for the foods you eat, the more healtier the food the more points you’ll recieve. You can also get points by tracking your exercises and that includes when you do the housework!!!!

There are also challenges you can join in with. I’ve just joined in with the ‘move during commercials challenge’ and ‘play with your kids challenge’. The second one should be easy as I already do this. There are loads more challenges to join like, No snacks after dinner, Green meal challenge or 10 wall squats a day. You can even create your own challenges to do with your friends.

There are also groups you can join to get extra tips and support from other members, like Fit Mamas, Body Builders, Just 10lbs, Roller Derby Divas and Healthy Aussies! You can also create your own groups too!

I’m trying to lose 11lbs, but more importantly I’m just trying to get fit and healthy. According to the tracker I should be having no more 1538 calories a day and 30g sugar. As you can see below, i’m already over on my sugar intake by 7g!!!  Argghhh!!

  • 430 so far of 1538


  • Sugar

I’ve only been using this a few days and already I’m finding it very helpful. And it’s encouraging to know that there are other people doing this too, especially the challenges.
As well as being able to track my weight, food & exercises, it’s also so much fun. And soon their introducing giveaways when you reach a certain number of reward points!!!

So what are you waiting for?? go on over to SlimKicker.com  to sign up
And what’s so great about it, is that it’s absolutely FREE!!!
And don’t forget to add me to your friend list, my user name is Serenity You
Hope to see you there
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