Quiet Critters

When I was little I can remember having some Quiet Critters. But I haven’t seen them since until just a few weeks ago when I saw some here

So I thought I’d make myself my kids some.
To start I needed to make myself some pom poms. I have never made these before but I’ve seen lot’s of tutorials and they look easy enough to do. boy, was I wrong!
First I stated with the most popular way with  2 cardboard discs . But every time when it came to cutting I losed load’s of  bits of the yarn and when I tied the middle and pulled the disc’s away it just fell apart. After about my 20th attempt I gave up and went on to try the fork method. I don’t know if it’s just me, but this didn’t work either. Just kept falling apart! I don’t know what I was doing wrong. So I gave up!
But then a few weeks later I saw this amazing finger method  and guess what? IT WORKED!!!! So I want to say a massive Thank you, thank you, thank you to Trish at Mom on Timeout for this fantastic tutorial.
I used the one finger method and it worked perfect the very first time!! I then hot glued some foam feet on and some googly eyes

Aren’t they cute?!

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