I got the idea to have theme weeks with my kids from Toys in the dryer.
For our first week I decided to make it Dinosaur week.
we used printables that I found from Over the big moon and 2 teaching mommies

My 2 year old daughter had a go at colouring the dinosaurs. She knew which colour crayon to use but needs to work on her pencil control. But she did an amazing job!

we all played with some toy dinosaurs and made a lot of ‘Roaring’ noises

we also read these book together and talked about fossils, different dinosaurs, what they ate, how they became extinct and what we would do if dinosaurs where still living today

The last book is the new version of the book we read. It’s a great encyclopaedia and great for older kids. My 6 year old son found this fascinating!

 we also read these story books

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  1. I wish I had come across this last earlier! We just did dinosaurs and you had some wonderful ideas and links. I’ve never seen those sites, the printables look perfect for my kid’s ages.

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