I’ve seen loads of busy bags around on blog land and thought they would be great for my two youngest kids when I need a few minutes to write a blog post, wash the pots, iron, put clothes away etc. etc.. So I’ve made my own. Well, should I say I’ve made a start as I’ve only made 4 so far and I thought I’d share them with you

In my first I’ve placed objects in different colours so the little ones can colour sort them
There are 7 feathers, 7 pipe cleaners, 7 lollipop sticks, 7 foam hearts and 7 pompoms

In this one I’ve placed 3 pipe cleaners and folded them over at one end and cut up some drinking straws. They have to simple put the straw bits on the pipe cleaner

I’ve cut little hearts and stars from card and cut up some different coloured tissue paper. They have to scrunch up the tissue paper and glue on

This one is different shapes and colours. The kids can either match the shapes or match the colours

I don’t think that there too bad for my very first attempt at making busy bags. Hopefully will be making some more very soon. If you have any ideas on what I could use please let me know

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25 comments on “Busy Bags”

  1. Those are some fun ones! I’m in love with busy bags at the moment. I need to make some for my daughter before we head to NZ in May. I especially like your straw one. That looks like some great fine motor skills.

  2. Lovely. I haven’t got children of my own, but once I made a “sick box” for a friend’s sick daughter, filling it up with lots of small cuties and pretties to keep her entertained on her sick bed. She was delighted and so did her parents. But I haven’t thought about this kind of “busy” bag or box!
    Please swing by my blog when you have the time!

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    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  3. Love the colour sorting one and the foam matching! Might do some foam matching for my kiddos.

    I am doing a busy bag swap right now with some other mama`s in Japan {since most busy bag swaps are in America and you can`t usually participate from overseas so I organized my own swap}. I also have a list of a couple others I want to make because we have an international flight coming up {in which I am travelling with both my boys aged 26 months and 14 months by myself}. So between the busy bags, lots of snacks and the ipad with some dvds loaded onto it and educational games I hope we will survive!

    I totally recommend doing a swap with some friends as well to get even MORE bags together.

    Thanks for sharing- I found you via pinterest

  4. I’ve been trying to make activities like this for my toddler too! Thanks for sharing your ideas! I especially love their simplicity since most moms don’t have the time for “complicated!”

  5. Wow, these are great ideas. I don’t have little ones myself anymore, but I watch my friend’s daughter who is 16 but mentally she’s about 2 or 3. This would give her something fun to do when I watch her. Thanks!

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