I saw these lovely fabric covered cardboard boxes at sew fantastic and on pinterest. And I thought that the they would make cute storage boxes for my kids shoes. We have a shoe rack in our hallway but the kids always just throw their shoes everywhere, so I started using boxes. But the boxes didn’t look that great, I have an old takeaway box and a nappy box

But the thing was i didn’t have no fabric!! so I’d thought I’d try and improvise by using scrapbook paper instead! Each box used 3 sheets of 12 x 12 paper. I simply cut to size and glued on!
here’s my green one

And here’s my brown one. I love the paper I used on this as the front looks like wood


And here they are on my messy shoe rack

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27 comments on “Scrapbook Paper Shoe Boxes”

  1. I have used a similar idea for gift boxes. After opening gifts, I save any nice wrapping paper, and then use it to cover boxes to make beautiful gift boxes. If the paper is large enough, I use it to cover a whole box, otherwise I tear it into random shapes and glue it on in a patchwork fashion. A coat of decoupage medium seals it and gives it a nice sheen.

  2. These look fantastic and look like you had brought expensive ready made boxes. These could be used in so many ways, would make a great toy box using your child’s favourite charactor wallpaper.

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