Last week I received it the post a journal to review.
I was so excited as i just love journals. But this is no ordinary journal, this is a 10 year + journal!!

10 year journal review

There are just 4 lines to write something everyday for the next 10 years! If you don’t like writing and keeping journals, don’t worry, because it only takes 3 minutes a day, if that and you’ll get over 10 years worth of memories.
Each daily page covers a single date, so you can see what you did on this date every year!
There are 4 lines to write what you want, and also 2 cirlces, a slash / , and a p.
the cirlces and the / can be used for whatever you want to use them for. some people have used the circles for telling the am and pm weather or tempruture. Or to colour code the entry. The slash can be used to make note of your wieght, blood pressure etc. I’m still thinking about what to use mine for.

At the beginning of every year is a looking ahead page with space to write you goals and accomplishments.
There is also space after the daily pages called carry-over pages for you to continue writing if you need extra room. That’s what the P is for on the daily pages, just write next to the P the page number where you have carried over what you needed to write

There are also pages for noting medical and automobile records. Pages for remembering special dates and address and telephone numbers

At the beginning of every month their is a page to categories each day, to make finding a certain entry easier.

page of 10 year journal
It also has 2 bookmark tassels, one black the other gold.
If you would like to own ones of these fantastic 10 year journal go here
I’m definitely going to be buying another one of these journals for 2023!!!!!
I’m still thinking about how to categorise my entries and what to use the circles and slash for on the daily pages. Any ideas? What would you use them for?

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I have received the journal 10 to review and keep. I have not been paid for this review and all opinions are 100% mine

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