10 simple tips to keep your house tidy

I really struggle to keep my house clean and tidy. Mainly because I HATE cleaning!! But I’ve been trying some ideas out and so far they are working
Everyday I do my normal everyday chores like washing the pots, hoovering etc.. But I always feel like I didn’t have enough time to do all the other things that needed doing around the house. That’s where tip number 1 comes in

1. After the normal chores do an extra 10-15 minutes doing just one thing. This could be cleaning the cupboards, sorting your photos out, cleaning out behind the sofa. Just make sure you spend no more than 15 minutes a day

2. Find a place for everything. This might sound easy enough, but when you’re disorganized this can be the hardest thing ever! 

3. Use boxes and containers in drawers. Don’t you just hate it when you open a drawer to look for something and the contents is scattered everywhere? And use Velcro to hold them in place

4. Keep a basket at the bottom of the stairs for things that need to be took up late

5. Never leave a room without taking something with you. This could be taking a mug back into the kitchen. Take the kids toys with you and pop them in the basket on the stairs. And if you go upstairs, take a basket with you.

6. Do a load of laundry everyday! you might have a certain day that you do all the laundry every week, but who want’s to spend an whole day sorting through dirty clothes. Do one load everyday to keep the washing down, and then it won’t seem like you’re doing that much.

7. Dust and fold the laundry while on the phone. My mum is always ringing me and sometimes I can be on the phone to her for a good hour! While I’m chatting away nothing is getting done. but a bit of dusting can easily be done while on the phone

8. Set up a donation station. Have a box where you can put things you don’t need or want any more and when it’s full donate it to your local charity shop. 

9. Give the kids chores. Give each child age appropriate chores that they have to do each week and in return get a reward. See my reward points here

10. Make everyone take their shoes off when they enter your house. This might sound a bit rude to your guests making them all take their shoes off, but you’ll be surprised at how much dirt is actually brought in the house on our shoes. If you want you carpets staying nice a clean this one is a must!

Hope these help!! they have certainly helped me!!

An easy way for a place to store possessions are in baskets, cardboard boxes and tubs

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47 comments on “10 Simple Tips to Keep your House Tidy”

  1. Great ideas! I really like the baskets at the bottom of the stairs. I don’t have stairs, but I imagine it would be a pain walking up and down several times with individual items. I like doing things when I’m on the phone too! It makes the time pass by so much faster!

  2. I have just implemented a new cleaning routine because I’m just like you – hate to clean! I need the little “pat on the back” of crossing things off a list, so I have started keeping a schedule and crossing off each task.

    Don’t tell, but sometimes if I do a little extra thing like you mentioned I write it on my list after just so I can cross it off! Shhhhh!

  3. I love simple and practical tips like this. We’ve always had folks remove their shoes in our home…it really does help. My hubby is retired military and while he was still active we had a sign on the door that read “Please remove shoes…by order of the Commander”. =)

  4. My tip…. Don’t be afraid to throw it all away! Even if you have a simple home with nothing in it… it will came right back I’m those doors again!

  5. My tip…. Don’t be afraid to throw it all away! Even if you have a simple home with nothing in it… it will came right back I’m those doors again!

  6. Love this! Every night when my house is quiet and everyone is asleep I tidy up, pack the next days lunches, pack the nappy bag etc so I can go to bed knowing that the next morning the house will be tidy and I’m all ready to just get up and go somewhere. I get stressed if I go to bed and the house isn’t tidied and organized because I know I’ll just have to get up in the morning and clean up. So my uninterrupted night time routine has become a habit and it works. Having said that, I am flexible enough to know that if it doesn’t get done for one reason or another I.e. Kids not sleeping, people call or drop by, then it’s not the end of the world;) as long as it doesn’t haooen every day!

    Irene Jennings (Oriental Rug Cleaning)

  7. Great tips. I especially like the basket at the bottom of the stairs tip.. I’ve recently moved into a house with stairs and I’m not used to it! A simple trick like this would make moving things up and down the stairs easier.

  8. Great tips – i usually leave items on the stairs to be taken up when i pop to the loo. Usually all the toys my little one HAD to bring downstairs that morning – then lost interest with them about 5 mins later 🙂

  9. I have been doing task 5 for years, it really works it means that no single room in my house is ever too untidy and it also means that my house is always clutter free as I donate or sell items as soon as I no longer want them or have replaced them. A clean and clutter free home makes for a peaceful life and mind.

  10. This are great tips in terms of keeping house clean and organized. I love that you included the tip about cleaning time schedule after normal chores. It really makes a great difference.

  11. Great tips. We already have the donation area in our house, we usually give to a local animal charity. And already keep our chores divided up and it works nicely x

  12. I love cleaning I clean as I go makes life much easier then quick wiz with Hoover and duster is all that’s needed xx

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