Mini Love Notes

Mini Love Notes

mini love notes - great idea for valentines day

These are just sooooo cute!! and are so easy to make.
All you need is some pink and white paper 13cm x 4.5cm (or you could just use pink card)
Simply glue the papers together to make them stronger and fold in half.
Punch some small hearts out of white paper and glue to the middle of the cards. Simple!!

These are fab to make with the kids and send little love notes to each other. We also wrote nice things inside about each other and hid them all around the house. We hid them in places that were hard to find, like inside a dvd case, in a jigsaw puzzle etc, So that over the next few weeks we would find them when we least expect it. And they bring a smile to your face. I did this a few years ago using heart shaped sticky notes. Me and my husband were still finding them over 2 years later!!

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