My Christmas Tree 2011

This year I wanted to buy new decorations, but money has been very tight so will just have to wait till next year. So this year we did our tree lilac and silver! The last few years it has been red, green & gold. But we’ve gone back to what we had originally. In fact All these decorations are the very first Christmas decoration that me and my husband brought! That was 8 years ago when we were just boyfriend and girlfriend. A marriage and three kids down the line and it’s back, and bringing lot’s of lovely memories back too!

This is the first ornament me and my husband (then boyfriend) brought for our tree. A cute little snowman inside a star. Isn’t he sweet?!

I brought these decorations last year for £3.00 . And I love them!! I’ve seen load’s of handmade ones on  blogs and in etsy’s shops and I’m hoping to try to make some more of these myself next year.

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