Giveaway : Bath Bombs from Bath Bombs Creations

I am so excited to be telling you that I am having my very first Giveaway!!!
The products that I am giving away come from Bath Bomb Creations
They have kindly given me 4 Bailey’s & cream heart shaped bath bombs and 4 Strawberry cubes to giveaway to one lucky reader! And I also had the chance to try these out myself!!! And i must say, I LOVE them!! But the strawberry one is my favourite!! The smell is just divine!
Item imageName coming soon
Heres what The Bath Time had to say about themselves : 
Bath Bomb Creations is a family-run business and offers exquisite and scented, bespoke bath luxuries for women:  bath bombs (fizz), creamers (oil based), fizzes (powder), bubble bars (bath foam), wedding favours (hearts or cubes).  Our scents and toppings are vast.   An idea would be Baileys & Cream, Ylang, Lime, and toppings can be chocolate, rose petals, saffron.  Our handcrafted goodies suit all occasions:  ‘me’ time,   wedding favours, independent businesses, and gifts.

And we are affordable whether wholesale or retail! 

Anita is a qualified book-keeping but lost clients in the current economic climate.   Initially she handcrafted cosmetics for families and friends.  Feedback was excellent.  When she struggled financially, Bath Bomb Creations was born late 2010. 
An eBay shop opened first.  Bath Bomb Creations took off quickly with wedding favours.  We’ve  attended wedding shows, plus pamper parties, craft fayres and Christmas events with bigger products such as Slab Explosions, Orb balls, and eggs in an egg box.

The Bathtime Team then became three.

Lesley runs the blog!  It’s aim is Blog Fun, new products, Bathtime News, giveaways, try & review, and linky parties!   Our current marketing is advertising by handing business cards, approaching event planners at wedding shows but next year will be more full on.  We add a compliment slip with orders too.  We network via Facebook, Twitter, linky parties, blog directories, and blogger. 
Lesley now makes whacky Bubble Bars (bath foam) in solid form and Ray makes traditional soap, wrapped vintage style.  In January we’ll apply for the relevant certificate and begin marketing.
2012 will see the website launched, which will also support 3 charities.  Our plan is to grow with new designs.  We aim to sell gift box sets decorated rustically and filled with beautiful luxuries.  And they’ll be affordable.  We have lodged our interest to exhibit at the Royal Berkshire Show in Newbury and our stall will be a farmers market style.  And our biggest comment to date was our products being rated like those of Lush!

 Bath Bomb Creations


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