Toilet Roll Advent Calendar

I made an advent calendar this year for my kids. The first one I’ve ever made. Normally i buy the cheap £2 ones from the supermarket, you know them ones with the little chocolates behind the windows. But I’ve been inspired by all the handmade advent calendar I’ve seen. The one I’ve made is based on two calendars I featured on my post Christmas Countdown : Top 10 Advent Calendars.  My calendar is a mix between number 4 and number 7.

Please ignore my horrible blue walls. Hopefully will be decorating next year.
All you need is 24 toilet rolls and Christmas paper. just trim to size and glue on.

Then I stapled the bottoms together. Noticed I used green staples to make it a bit more christmasy, even though i couldn’t staple them straight

Then decorate them however you like and place a number 1-24 on each. Then i tied a bit of red ribbon on my wall and attached the toilet rolls with mini pegs. I arranged them in random order.

My next job is to fill them
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