Christmas Countdown : Top 10 Advent Calendars

My Top 10 Advent Calendars
1. Baby Sock Advent Calendar from Martha Stewart
2. Tin Magnets Advent Calendar by Jessie at Narrating Life
3. A Cone-iferous Advent from Family Fun
A Cone-iferous Advent
4. Toilet Paper Roll Advent Calendar from Somewhat Muddled Musings
5. Santa’s Beard Advent from bp.blogspot
Pinned Image
6. Felt Christmas Tree Advent by Katie at So Happy
7. Toilet Paper Roll Advent Calendar by Maya at Maya Made
my 2009 advent calendar in print
8. DIY Advent Calendar from A Million Ideas – Etsy Shop
DIY Advent Calendar
9. Advent Calendar from Country Living
10. Mini Matchbox Advent Calendar from Martha Stewart

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  1. I love the baby socks calendar!! Not sure I have enough baby socks to do it, but I may scour the Goodwill to see if I can make it happy. It would make such a cute decoration as well.

    A few years ago I saw an idea in Family Fun magazine which I have adopted. You wrap up 24 Christmas books and put them in a basket. The kids get to pick one wrapped book to unwrap and read each night until Christmas. Then, on Christmas, each kid gets a new Christmas book. The first few years, I didn’t have enough to make 24, but I’ve built my stash since then.

  2. These are awesome! I can’t wait to start Christmas traditions for my little one, so I’m looking for great advent calendar ideas. Thanks for posting these!

  3. This is such an awesome idea for a post! I have a Playmobile one that I’ve been using for about 8 years, but it would be so much fun to make one. Thanks for the wonderful round up of tutorials!