Reward Points

My eldest child is now 6, he used to have a reward chart for good behavior and the chance to get a sticker everyday. He used to love this and and do his best. But recently he’s been coming home from school and asking me for pocket money as all his friends get it. So he’d finally outgrown his sticker chart. But instead of pocket money i thought I’d make him a reward system. Every time he’s well behaved or does a chore he gets 1 reward point. I have also made a prize box, with toy’s and sweets in and each item is worth a different amount of reward points. (I’ll post about this a different time). Here’s how i made the reward points.

I printed out ‘1 point’ on some coloured card

Then used a circle punch to make the tokens. I did this with the punch upside down so i could see where i was punching

And here they are! i used different colours to make them more fun
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