Welcome to serenity saturday!!!!!   Sorry there wasn’t a party last week, i’ve been really ill. Thankfully i’m ok now so i’ll be very busy catching up with everyones great blogs.

There were lot’s of great link ups last time, and it was hard choicing which one to feature. But after at least an hour debating i finally chose two, so here they are.

Toy magnets by home spun with love
French sew tidy by At number 29

<a href=”http://serenityyou.com/” target=”_blank”><img src=”http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-IlAGEoeCKQM/Tk6ii-gqOtI/AAAAAAAAAEo/Y6cvdwadwqI/s250/serenity%2Bsaturday%2Blogo%2B.jpg” alt=”Serenity you” /></a>

Rules :

you can link anything you want! only rule is that you place my link button on your post.

My favourite posts will be featured on next weeks link party

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