Here’s a great idea that I found over at A Lil Bird told me.. How to fold carrier bags into neat little triangles!

I got all my plastic carrier bags out from under the kitchen sink where I normally just stick them inside each other a put them anywhere they will fit. And decided to do this great idea. I was sitting at my dinning table folding my carrier bags into lovely neat triangles when my husband walked in, he asked me what i was doing and when i told him he just stared at me in disbelief and walked out the room shaking his head. I know this might sound a bit too far for some people, but I think it’s great!! Just take a look at my nice folded carrier bags! they look tidy and take up a lot less room under my kitchen sink.

The tutorial is Here


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4 comments on “How to fold plastic bags”

  1. I know how I’m spending my morning now! I have so many carrier bags and this is exactly what I was looking for to get them in order 🙂

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